It’s time to learn to breathe… consciously!

It’s time to learn to breathe… consciously!

It’s time to learn to breathe… consciously!

How to change something, if you do not first know what it is?

Breathing therefore consists of two phases, INHALATION and EXHALATION.

With inhalation, air enters the lungs, the thoracic cavity increases, the diaphragm, which is a vaulted muscle, descends. On exhalation, the size of the chest decreases and the diaphragm rises to its original position, thus releasing air.

Thus, respiration is divided into 2 basic types:

– Chest breathing and

– Abdominal (diaphragmatic breathing)


What exactly will happen if you start breathing deeply and completely?

Breathing essentially acts as a kind of massage and facilitates the good flow in the bloodstream which is the carrier of oxygen to our cells.

The body becomes light, the muscles become relaxed and flexible.

Usually, people who breathe deeply and consciously are calm and serene, face their life in the “here and now” and express themselves and communicate better with others.


But the most important thing is that breathing is the main means of managing stress, panic attacks and helps us get rid of emotional and mental load.


Every time you take a deep breath, you get more air, oxygen and therefore more energy. Each exhalation also releases more air, carbon dioxide and negative charge.

So every time you breathe consciously and deeply, you use the most basic “weapon” to be able to get rid of negative tensions.

Conscious breathing is the main means of energy production and has deep healing properties.

But what other benefits does it have?

– Strengthens the immune system and is the main factor of longevity.

– It is the most effective method of relaxation from tensions of the mind.

– Unblocks and awakens energy in the body and releases endorphins in the blood. Endorphins help us cope with pain, help reduce fear and anxiety.

– Conscious deep breathing releases toxins and harmful chemicals from food and medicine from the body.


All I have to say to you, to start breathing deeply, is that it is a safe way, that all you need to do is learn its technique so that you can start breathing deeply and consciously so that you can live with more balance every day.

BREATHING is a unique tool useful for all of us.

You need to learn to use it consciously. Become your ally to easily and effectively manage stress and difficulties at work and in your life in general.

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